Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve found that whether you’re an expert shopper or someone who gets hives at the idea of going to the mall, bridal gown shopping is an experience that is unique and sometimes mysterious. Here are some of our most asked questions that will help get your process started right – and hopefully hive free!

Why do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

We are a small boutique that only works with one bride at a time. During your appointment, we close the entire store just for your visit. That way, we can focus all of our attention on you to help you find the right dress without any distraction of other appointments going on around you. If you happen to be walking by and no one is in the store for an appointment, we are more than happy to have you try on gowns but it is always best to make an appointment first.

What is the price range for your gowns?

Our gowns start around $2000 but average is closer to the $3500 price range or higher. It’s very important to know your budget before you come for your appointment because we will try our hardest to only put you in gowns that are close to that number. You are more than welcome to try on anything in the store but we’ve seen a few brides leave with broken hearts because they let themselves put on a dress that was way out of their budgets.

How long is my appointment?

Bridal gown appointments usually last 1½ hours. We found that if you try on gowns for too much longer than that, confusion sets in and all the gowns start looking the same.

What should I bring to my appointment?

The most important thing to bring is an open mind! You can definitely bring pictures of dresses that you like, but we have seen many brides end up with a dress the exact opposite of what they thought they wanted because wedding gowns translate so differently from the hanger or model to your figure. We provide strapless bras and shoes so don’t worry about bringing anything else.

Who should I bring to my appointment?

We can comfortably seat up to 4 people in our store so bring the closest friend or family members whose opinion you value and who knows you well. Bringing too many people can take the focus off of you and honestly, it’s hard to get a large group of people to agree on one dress so sometimes it is less stressful to not have so many people. We appreciate the friend who comes because she is the “brutally honest” one and while honesty is important, it’s sometimes more important to bring the people who will be supportive and help you fulfill YOUR wedding vision.

What size gowns are available for me to try on?

Most of our samples are the traditional sample size, which is10. Bridal sizing runs small, meaning the gown proportions are actually much smaller than the indicated size (we know – cruel!). A bridal size 10 is more like a normal size 6-8 in regular dresses. We are able to clip the gowns if they are too big or if they are too small, we can leave the backs open and still give you a good idea of what the gown will look like in your size.

How far in advance do I need to buy my gown?

Most people don’t realize wedding gowns are made to order so they normally take about 4-6 months to be made. You want to give yourself time for alterations so we recommend ordering your gown 8-10 months before your wedding.

If your wedding is in a shorter timeframe, don’t lose hope! Most designers will offer rush options but be prepared to have to pay an extra fee to make it happen.

Are they payment plan options?

We do not offer payment plan options, however, to make things easier on you, we split your payment into two equal ones. This means you pay 50% of your total cost on the day you place your order and then pay the second half when the gown comes in.

When should I expect to receive my gown?

Your gown typically arrives 4-6 months after you order it. The dress is delivered to us directly from the designer and we perform a thorough quality control check on each gown. Once we are satisfied the gown is perfect, we’ll call you to schedule final payment, a first fitting and arrange shipping if necessary.

Will the gown be made EXACTLY to my measurements?

Not exactly. If you order a gown through us, we will take basic measurements and then order the size based on those numbers. Alterations will always been needed in some way. A gown can be ordered with exact custom measurements but you will usually have to pay much more for that and because brides tend to lose weight before the wedding, they end up paying alteration fees again because they are not the exact same sizes as they were when they ordered the gown 6 months before. We do recommend budgeting at least $500 for alterations.

What is a trunk show?

Most stores only have a handful of samples from each of the designers they carry so a Trunk Show is an opportunity to see and buy a designer’s latest collection months before they may hit the stores. The gowns are usually only in the store for a weekend. We will offer a discount if the dress is ordered during the trunk show and sometimes designers will throw in other incentives like no rush fees or complimentary add-on like buttons so it is a great time to order a gown. Just remember that the dresses will not be in the store once the trunk show is over so be prepared to have to make a decision that weekend.

Is it really like “Say Yes to the Dress?” Will I just “know” when I’ve found my dress?

In a nutshell, not necessarily. We have seen the full spectrum of reactions: from a bride picking the first dress she ever puts on (it does happen!) to a bride not coming back for months to finally realize it was the right dress all along. We’ve even seen brides say that a dress was “the one” and end up with a completely different gown. Don’t worry too much about having some definitive moment. If you don’t want to take the dress off, if you keep thinking about the dress weeks after you’ve tried it on – there are all kinds of different signs to let you know that a gown may be the one. And don’t forget, we’re here to help you figure it out!